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Budgeting for Video Production and the 3 Ps


Baseline Communications
Posted on 12/21/2012 08:11 am

​1. Pre-Production

     How much do you want to spend?  Budget dictates a lot for your producer.  Once a maximum budget is determined, your producer will come up with the best approach to what you want to accomplish.
      At Baseline we pride ourselves on properly assessing and guiding you with your video needs.  It starts with a discussion on what your content is and what your options are.  From music to stock footage, from shooting on location to being in studio.  All these variables factor into what the bottom line becomes.  

     Baseline can plan your roll out from concept to completion.  Pre-production can include scriptwriting, storyboarding, or any other producer legwork including securing locations and assembling talent.  It may be as little as setting up an interview or as elaborate as rolling out several pieces of ongoing online content.  What’s important at this stage is determining the vision and scope of the work.

2. Production

     Production is whenever a camera is used for filming on location and/or in a studio facility.  Once a production schedule is decided on from the approved budget,
Baseline determines how many shooting days are required.  It is always smart to shoot several interviews on the same day, or make the best use of a location.  This is where script and direction are important.  When we head out with a solid shooting plan, we save time and money because on set we know exactly what has to be captured.

As a note, some projects require no production at all as everything is accomplished with graphics and stock footage, or previous materials already in possession by the client such as photographs or power point presentations.

3. Post Production

     Post production includes video editing, sound mixing, motion graphics and 3D animation. Other costs can include professional voice overs, subtitling, translations, output and delivery or “deliverables” as the industry likes to term it.

     Is the final output to DVD, an upload to Youtube, or a file for your web provider?  
These factors are determined initially in pre-production.  Post production can vary according to how complex the sequence is.  Effects, titling, and fast paced editing take longer to produce.  These are important factors to consider.

You Get What You Pay For- How to Compare Quotes

Most production companies operate on daily rates, half-day rates and hourly services.  What’s important when shopping for a producer is you check their track record and sense that they understand you as a client and have the experience to execute great content that is to your expectation.  With Baseline Communications, we have the expertise to make sure your vision is produced on time and on budget.

Call or email us to discuss your digital content.  We welcome any questions for projects big and small.

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