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YouTube Optimization - The Art of Self-Distribution


Baseline Communications
Posted on 01/15/2013 2:39 pm

Here’s where we reach the main reason to produce material in the first place, so we can share it for marketing purposes and allow our own peeps to identify with who we are as well as what we want to educate them with.  Uploading videos to your Youtube Channel so that it can be viewed, is the most insightful way to promote yourself and/or your company/product.  This is where YouTube optimization comes in. The goal is to get as many views as possible.

The YouTube search engine will draw the line to your viewer based on your keywords in:

- The title of your video, which is right above the video box.
- How you describe your video.
- The tags allocated to your video.

Let’s break that down and examine. It’s simple, but important. Especially if you are looking for ROI on your production dollar.

1. Title.  It’s all in the title as Hollywood says.  A title can make or break you when it comes to grabbing attention within search results.  Empathize.  If you were searching for your video, what would you type in?  Make it stand out if possible.  Check out similar videos from your conducted search.

2. Description.  Keywords still apply, but make sure it’s a legible paragraph that is interesting without going overboard or Tolkien.  *This is also where you would add links to your website or contact information.

3. Tag.  You’re it.  Tags are targeted keywords or multiple words/phrases within quotations that throw out a wider net or search for your content.  They’re a little outside your product or service, maybe even using your competitor’s products or services.  You want to think average Joe here, or layman if you will.  Don’t just think of the specific vocabulary or terminology used by you.  Think broad.

With over 3 billion views per day and 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube sits at the helm of social media.  Make sure you comment on other videos, network, participate and connect.  All these factors will increase views.

The thumbnail (picture representing your video) should be the most engaging. You want people to click on your video, so choose an interesting thumbnail. 
You can also add Captions and subtitles to YouTube videos, which makes those videos accessible to the hearing impaired.

Ideally you want to build up subscribers.  That way every time you post a video, it will be automatically delivered to your potential clients or target audience.  Check back on your views and encourage people to leave their comments.

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