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‚ÄčProfessionals know Teleprompter Value


Baseline Communications
Posted on 02/07/2013 06:58 am

A teleprompter is an apparatus that fits onto the lens of the camera and reflects text to the talent.  The computer generated text gradually scrolls in front of the camera, making it easy for the talent to communicate the script directly to its audience.  News anchors use a teleprompter all the time.  

At Baseline, our teleprompter is top notch.  If you are going the route of personalizing your messages, or have to communicate complicated content, we always suggest looking at the benefits of using a teleprompter.  This segues nicely into...

3 Benefits to Using a Teleprompter

1. The execution of your message is going to be better.

With the pressure off and the script scrolling in front of you, your delivery is going to be much more natural and convincing.  You'll feel less stress about being in front of the camera and the text will preoccupy you.  Don't forget that you dictate the speed of the delivery.  The prompter operator will adjust the scrolling according to your delivery.  Remember to pause regularly and adjust your body language.  

Practice during the setup period with the prompter operator.  If there are tricky phrases in the script, they can be quickly edited if needed.  Be conscious of the legalities of a given script before making changes.

It's always a good idea to rehearse a script beforehand as it may increase time in the studio if you are delivering a message for the first time.  

2. They are time effective.

Depending on how many messages you are delivering, having them all lined up is going to decrease your studio time.  Using a teleprompter can save hours and ensure that the entirety of your message is delivered.

3. They require attention to detail.

Oftentimes in production, projects can be left to the last minute causing a frazzled production experience.  When a script is needed for a teleprompter, production can be executed more efficiently.  Since even the most talented actors cannot memorize large bodies of script, a teleprompter is always a good idea if your script is more than a page in length.  Make sure the approved script is read out loud beforehand to work out any kinks.

Be sure to talk to us about using our teleprompter.  It can change your entire project.

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